From June 27 to July 1, 2022, the family members of Alberto Camps, Eduardo Cappello, Rubén Bonet and Ana María Villarreal de Santucho—four victims of the Trelew Massacre—went to trial in the Southern District of Florida and won. The catalog of evidence submitted to the jury painted a detailed picture of the horrific events of the Massacre, the Argentine military’s cover-up, and the years of persecution endured by the victims’ families.

The evidence presented at trial, as well as additional relevant documents, are available below. The evidence includes testimony from one of the three sole survivors of the Massacre, from personnel who worked at the Almirante Zar Naval Base during or immediately after the Massacre, and from our clients and other family members of victims. It also includes photographic and documentary evidence of the victims’ injuries, a contemporaneous report about the Massacre authored by the Argentine military, as well as the expert testimony of our legal, historical, forensic, and medical experts.

Trial Transcripts

2022.06.27.Day 1 Trial Transcript with Hyperlinks
2022.06.28.Day 2 Trial Transcript with Hyperlinks
2022.06.29.Day 3 Trial Transcript with Hyperlinks
2022.06.30.Day 4 Trial Transcript with Hyperlinks
2022.07.01. Day 5 Trial Transcript with Hyperlinks


Deposition Videos

Deposition of Julio Cesar Ulla
Deposition of Plaintiff Alicia Krueger
Deposition of Plaintiff Marcela Santucho
Deposition of Miguel Marileo
Deposition of Carlos Celi
Deposition of Carlos Marandino


Expert Reports

Expert Report of Professor James Brennan
Expert Report of Dr. William R. Anderson
Expert Report of Professor Maximo Langer
Expert Report of Dr. Rodolfo Guillermo Pregliasco


Admitted Evidence*

DX002 – 1972 Auditor General Report
PDX009 – Shooting Positions Drawn by Bravo at Trial
PX002 – Pre-shooting Positions Drawn by Bravo During 5-13-21 Deposition
PX003 – Shooting Positions and Gunfire Directions Drawn by Bravo During-5-13-21 Deposition
PX031T – Statement of Alberto Camps
PX034T – Statement of Alberto Camps
PX038 – Death Certificates of Trelew Massacre Victims
PX038T – Death Certificates of Trelew Massacre Victims
PX041T – Statement of Alberto Camps
PX048T – Death Certificate of Alberto Camps
PX049T – Certificate of Disappearance of Rosa Maria Pargas
PX053 – Photo of Camps Family
PX068T – Statement of Conscript Carlos Celi
PX068 – Statement of Conscript Carlos Celi
PX069 – Drawing of Cell Block Area by Conscript Carlos Celi
PX071T – Autopsy of Ruben Bonet
PX071 – Autopsy of Ruben Bonet
PX079T – Notice of Roberto Bravos Location
PX083 – PAM Submachine Gun User Manual Images
PX087 – Photo of Almirante Zar Naval Base
PX090 – Photos of Former Cell Block Area
PX091 – Floor Plan of Cell Block Area
PX095 – Photos of Current Ceiling in Former Cell Block Area
PX097 – Photo of Reconstruction of Cell Block Area
PX106T – Photos of Security Forces Deployed to the Wake of Three Trelew Massacre Victims
PX111 – Photo of Alberto Camps at Hospital After Trelew Massacre
PX114 – Photo of Ricardo René Haidar at Hospital After Trelew Massacre
PX121 – Photos of Bullet Holes in Bathroom Door
PX122 – Floor Plan with Trajectory of Bathroom Door Bullet Holes
PX128T – Letter from Trelew Families to President Kirchner
PX129T – Letter from Alicia Krueger to President Menem
PX132 – Photo of Ana María Villareal de Santucho

*For privacy reasons, PX011, PX012, PX013, PX014, and PX015 are not uploaded here. Hard copies of the exhibits are available upon request.


Trial Monitoring Reports

Students from the Florida State University College of Law International Human Rights Clinic attended trial and reported on it daily. Their complete report is available below, the reports that were published daily are available in English and Spanish.

Trial Monitoring Reports – full set of longer versions