Summary Execution

The Center for Justice and Accountability brings cases against former military commanders, paramilitary leaders, and government officials who execute prisoners without a full and fair trial. Summary execution or extrajudicial killing is a tactic used to terrorize a population and enforce compliance. In nearly all jurisdictions, summary execution is illegal as an arbitrary deprivation of the right to life.

CJA fights to ensure that the voices of those murdered still ring out with truth. In Jara v. Barrientos, CJA represents the family of Víctor Jara, one of the most iconic folksingers in Chile. During the Pinochet coup, military officials arrested the supporters of deposed President Salvador Allende, including Víctor Jara, rounded them up in Chile Stadium, tortured and executed them. CJA’s case will tell the story of what happened that day, and the horrifying human rights crimes committed by the nascent Pinochet dictatorship.

CJA also represents survivors who have been left for dead. In Warfaa v. Ali and Yousuf v. Samantar, CJA represents clients who have been brutally tortured and faced attempted murder under the leadership of former military officials. Through our cases, CJA’s clients can finally reveal the truth about what happened to them and unmask the perpetrators who have lived in impunity for decades.