Clients: Oscar and Gloria Reyes

Oscar Reyes is a native of Honduras, where he was a journalist and communications professional. He holds a master’s degree in mass communications from the University of Minnesota and was the founder and director of the School of Journalism at the Natio

Clientes: Dr. Juan Romagoza Arce

Romagoza Arce v. Garcia y Vides Casanova Juan Romagoza Arce era un doctor en El Salvador en 1980 cuando fue detenido y torturado por 22 días en la oficina central de la Guardia Nacional. Ahora él sirve como Director de una clínica publica de salud en W

Faculty Bios

December 4-6, 2007 Tegucigalpa, Honduras Almudena Bernabeu is CJA’s International Attorney and Transitional Justice Program Director.  She also directs CJA’s Latin America Program.  Almudena Bernabeu currently serves as the lead prosecutor on

El Salvador

CJA LitigationChavez v. CarranzaDoe v. Saravia (Assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero)Romagoza Arce v. GarciaThe Jesuits Massacre CaseCJA Transitional Justice ProjectsTransitional Justice in El Salvador Over 75,000 civilians died at the hands of gov


On April 7th, 2009, a three-judge panel of the Peruvian Supreme Court convicted former Peruvian president- Alberto Fujimori of crimes against humanity and sentenced him to 25 years in prison.During his tenure as president, Fujimori presided over extraj

The Jesuits Massacre Case

CASE STATUS Active HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES Crimes Against Humanity COUNTRY El Salvador ClientsPerpetratorsPressPartnersRelated Resources CASE STATUS Active HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES Crimes Against Humanity COUNTRY El Salvador On the morning of November 16, 1989,

Annual Reports

CJA IMPACT REPORT 2019 – 2020 At CJA, we have always known that home is where human rights begin, take root, and flourish. Learn more about how CJA is taking action to advance human rights at home for us and our international partners. CJA IMPACT REPOR


Zenaida Velásquez Rodriguez is a pioneer in the movement for human rights in Honduras and the sister of Manfredo Velásquez, who was abducted and disappeared by Honduran security forces. On September 12, 1981, Manfredo was kidnapped in broad daylight in


Carlos Mauricio was a professor at the University of El Salvador when he was detained in June 1983 and tortured for nearly two weeks at the National Police Headquarters. After coming to the United States, he obtained two Master’s degrees, in Molecular


News Articles   Eugenio Vides Casanova: El Salvador general linked to rape and murder of four American nuns is deported from Florida by Andrew Buncombe, The Independent The four nuns were killed by national guardsmen who later testified they were