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Justice in Guatemala

BACKGROUND It is estimated that over 200,000 people were killed or disappeared between 1960 and 1996 in Guatemala; countless others were victims of torture and other abuses.  Although the conflict formally ended with the signing of the Oslo Peace


 JUAN ROMAGOZA ARCE era un doctor en El  Salvador en 1980 cuando fue detenido y torturado por 22 días en la oficina central de la Guardia Nacional.  Ahora él sirve como Director de una clínica publica de salud en Washington D.C.Juan naci

Client: Dr. Juan Romagoza Arce

 Dr. Juan Romagoza Arce In 1980, Juan Romagoza Arce was working as a country doctor for the rural poor in El Salvador when he was detained and tortured for 22 days at the National Guard Headquarters. He served as the director of La Clinica del Pue


CJA represents the relatives of the victims of the 1989 Jesuits Massacre. Brief bios about the victims are below. Father Ignacio Ellacuría Bescoetxea was born on November 9, 1930, in Bilbao, Spain. He served as the rector of the University of Central A

Clients: Oscar and Gloria Reyes

Oscar Reyes is a native of Honduras, where he was a journalist and communications professional. He holds a master’s degree in mass communications from the University of Minnesota and was the founder and director of the School of Journalism at the Natio