Warfaa v. Ali Evidence

In May 2019, the Center for Justice & Accountability and torture survivor Farhan Warfaa went to trial in the Eastern District of Virginia—and won. The evidence presented at trial, as well as additional public documents related to the case, are available below. The evidence includes eyewitness testimony from former officers of the Somali National Army and other survivors of Somali National Army abuses, human rights and U.S. government reports, photos from the area where the abuses occurred, and expert testimony from former U.S. Special Envoy to Somalia, Ambassador Robert Gosende and medical experts, Dr. Alan Keller and Professor Daryn Reicherter.

Human Rights Reports

Africa Watch - Somalia - A Government at War with its Own People - Jan 1990

Africa Watch – Somalia – A Government at War with its Own People – Jan 1990

Amnesty International – Torture in Somalia – June 1988

U.S. Department of State Somalia Country Report 1989

Gersony – Why Somalis Flee – Aug 1989

Expert Reports

Historical Expert Reports – Ganzglass and Amb. Gosende

Psychological Expert Report on Somaliland Trauma – Dr. Reicherter

Deposition Videos

Mohamoud Hassan Tukale Warfaa

Abdi Abdilahi Ahmed

Ahmed Aw Musse Madar

Mohamed Aareeye Ali (Sugale)

Admitted Evidence

PL017 – May 1989 GAO Report on Northern Conflict

PL020 – U.S. Department of State – Cable to Secretary of State

PL023 – U.S. Department of State – Annual integrated assessment of security assistance – Sept 1990

PL024 – Photo of Jifo Uray

PL025 – Photo of Jifo Uray

PL026 – Photo of Jifo Uray

PL027 – Photo of Jifo Uray

PL032 – Photo of 5th Brigade military headquarters in Gebiley – Compound

PL035 – Photo of 5th Brigade military headquarters in Gebiley

PL036 – Photo of Tukeh’s Office

PL037 – Photo of Tukeh’s Office

PL038 – US Defense intelligence Agency Declassified Document

PL041 – U.S. Department of State – declassified cable

Legal Monitoring Report

Students from Stanford Law School’s International Human Rights clinic attended the trial and reported it play-by-play. Their report is also available below.

Warfaa v. Ali Combined Final Report