The Center for Justice & Accountability (CJA) is pleased to announce that Jose Pablo Baraybar, Director of the Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF), is the winner of CJA’s 2011 Judith Lee Stronach Human Rights Award for his extraordinary commitment to human rights, partnership with CJA on behalf of survivors of human rights abuses, and his groundbreaking work in forensic anthropology which has been instrumental in the prosecutions of human rights abusers from Peru to the Philippines; from Haiti to Ethiopia.

Mr. Baraybar  has been working closely with CJA on our cases against Peruvian Lieutenants Telmo Hurtado and Juan Rivera Rondon to hold them accountable for the Accomarca massacre of 69 Peruvian peasants. In addition, Mr. Baraybar and EPAF are applying the forensic sciences to determine the fate of over 15,000 Peruvians missing during the internal armed conflict.

Mr. Baraybar has gained international renown for his investigations in Srebrenica, where 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were murdered by Serbian forces in 1995.  His work there was crucial to the declaration that a genocide had taken place.  In addition, his ground-breaking work in Rwanda may provide evidence of Rwanda’s complicity in the slaughter of refugees in the 1990s.  Mr. Baraybar has expert-witness status at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), the Inter American Court of Human Rights and the Peruvian judiciary.