Profile of Muhamed Bicic

Muhamed Bicic was born and raised in Bosanski Samac.  Bicic came from a prominent family in Bosanski Samac.  He and his brother owned a restaurant, two cafes, and a game parlor.  Bicic and defendant Vukovic were well acquainted before the war, the defendant’s wife having worked in Mr. Bicic’s restaurant.

On or about April 18, 1992 Bicic was arrested at his home by masked men with machine guns who took him and his brother to the police station and then later to a warehouse converted into a detention center.  After being transferred to several different centers and camps, Bicic was held at the Osnovna Skola primary school in Bosanski Samac where he was personally sought out by Vukovic and repeatedly beaten and abused by him.  He and others were beaten by Vukovic with implements including metal pipes, a rifle butt, a wooden bat, a two-by-four board, a chair leg, boots and fists.  Bicic was released in a prisoner exchange in November 1992.

Due to the repeated injuries to his head, back and hands during the harsh beatings, Bicic suffers headaches, back pains and continuing injuries.  Bicic and his family have been granted temporary refugee status and are currently living in Germany.  Bicic is not employed.