Profile of Hasan Subasic

Hasan Subasic was born in Odzak, Bosnia.  He moved to Bosanski Samac with his mother at the age of three and was raised there.  Subasic worked as a welder in Bosnia.

On April 24, 1992 Hasan was detained by the Serb police and was sent to concentration camps at Brcko and Bijeljina.  On May 13, 1992, he was returned to Bosanski Samac and held at the Osnovna Skola (OS), a primary school that was converted into a detention center. 

At the primary school, Subasic was frequently beaten, and had four of his teeth forcibly pulled out by his torturers.  Vukovic beat Subasic on at least two occasions.  His detention at the school overlapped with two other plaintiffs in the case, Muhamed Bicic and Safet Hadzialijagic.  Subasic was held at the school for approximately five months before being transferred to the Batkovic concentration camp.  He was detained there for approximately one-and-a-half years (November 1992 – June 1994).  By the time he was reunited with his family, he had been detained for twenty-seven months.

Subasic and his family entered the United States as refugees in September 1995.  He now lives in Salt Lake City with his family, and works full time as a welder.