Jane Doe I is a citizen of Haiti and current U.S. resident. In 1992, Jane Doe I’s husband was abducted and killed by members of the Haitian Armed Forces. After her husband’s disappearance, members of the Haitian Armed Forces also arrested Jane Doe I and held her for a week until they released her into the streets in the middle of the night stripped of all her clothing. Once she finally made it home, Jane Doe I became outspoken about the disappearance of her husband. On two separate occasions masked members of FRAP raped Jane Doe I in her home. Her children were present during the attacks. During the second attack Jane Doe I was stabbed in the neck and left for dead. She was impregnated by her attackers and bore a child.

Jane Doe II is a citizen of Haiti and current U.S. resident. Jane Doe II was an active member of a grassroots pro-Aristide organization.  In 1991, members of the Haitian Armed Forces came to Jane Doe II’s house and abducted her and her husband. During the time she spent in detention, she was severely tortured. After her release from detention, Jane Doe II was once again attacked, this time on a brief break from hiding to visit her brother. She was repeatedly beaten and raped. In that same attack her sister-in-law was also beaten and raped and subsequently died as a result.

Jane Doe III is a citizen of Haiti and currently resides in the United States. In 1993, members of FRAPH came to Jane Doe III’s home in search of her husband, who had been a pro-Aristide activist. When the FRAPH members could not find her husband, they brutally attacked Jane Doe III and left her for dead.