Chile 40 years after the September 11, 1973 coup

"Tonight Hemispheres commemorates the 40th anniversary of the US-backed coup in Chile that brought to power a ruthless dictator, Agusto Pinochet, whose regime killed and disappeared thousands of Chileans during his dictatorship. Tonight features an interview with Eliana Loveluck, a Chilean woman who worked the Institute for Policy Studies, and continues to work for justice in Chile, now working with a project on arpillas, the tapestries made by Chilean widows telling their stories.

We wll also hear from Almudena Bernabeu, International Attorney & Transitional Justice Program Director at the Center for Justice and Accountability. She is licensed to practice law in Spain and works on US-based civil Alien Tort Statute litigation against human rights abusers and universal jurisdiction criminal human rights prosecutions before the Spanish National Court. Ms. Bernabeu is also Director of CJA’s Transitional Justice Program. She has worked on asylum and human rights cases for Amnesty International-Spain and researched and investigated cases before the European Court of Human Rights."

*Interview with Almudena Bernabeu begins at 46:40*