Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate:

“Survivors of torture around the world will not be silenced. With the help of CJA we are rising up to hold our abusers accountable under the law. CJA’s victories are bringing us closer to a world in which state-sponsored torture is unacceptable.”

Hon. Baltazar Garzón Real, Spanish judge:

“CJA is performing groundbreaking work. If the promise of the Nuremberg Charter and the hopes of international justice are to be achieved, it is crucial for the U.S. and its courts to be active participants. CJA is leading the efforts of lawyers and activists to enlist the U.S. courts in this global campaign for international justice. CJA’s lawyers are among the most creative, energetic and effective lawyers whose work I have had the opportunity to observe.

Dr. Juan Romagoza Arce, CJA Client:

“When I testified, a strength came over me. I felt like I was in the prow of a boat and that there were many, many people rowing behind – that they were moving me into this moment. I felt that if I looked back at them, I’d weep because I’d see them again: wounded, tortured, raped, naked, torn, bleeding. So, I didn’t look back, but I felt their support, their strength, their energy. …. Being involved in this case, confronting the Generals with these terrible facts – that’s the best possible therapy a torture survivor could have.”

Robert White, Former U.S. Ambassador:

“CJA has become the leader in the never-ending fight to demonstrate to the world that America has not forgotten its ideals.”

Fr. Stephen Privett, SJ, President, University of San Francisco:

“CJA’s overall goals are some of the finest examples of effective work for justice and human rights we have today.”