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This year end, we’d like to introduce you to CJA client, Farhan Warfaa, pictured below. Farhan’s triumphant spirit and remarkable dedication to seeing his important case come to court remind me once again of why I am so honored to be leading an organization like CJA that believes in justice and accountability for all.

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Meet Our Client, Farhan Warfaa

Farhan Mohamoud Tani Warfaa today. He was a teenager at the time of the events laid out in our case.

Meet Farhan Mohamoud Tani Warfaa, who first became our client in 2004. Early one morning in 1987, when he was only a teenager, Farhan was arrested by soldiers who took him to the Somali National Army base where – for months – he would be repeatedly interrogated, beaten and tortured.

Farhan’s arrest was ordered by Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali, also known as Colonel Tukeh, who was responsible for the detention, cruel treatment, and death of many members of Farhan’s community during the country’s civil war. Finally, Tukeh shot Farhan five times at point-blank range, leaving him for dead. Miraculously he survived.

Today, Farhan lives with his wife and eight children in Somaliland (a self-declared state, internationally considered to be an autonomous region in northern Somalia). We expect Farhan’s case against Colonel Tukeh for torture and attempted extrajudicial killing to finally come to trial early next year in Virginia, where Tukeh has lived since 1996.

Farhan is determined to see justice served, whether it’s on Somaliland or U.S. soil. This case has given him hope and he is praying it will encourage other survivors of atrocity crimes around the world to seek justice.

CJA and Co-counsel DLA Piper are standing by Mr. Warfaa in his quest for justice and accountability, as we believe no one should find safe haven in the U.S. for atrocities committed abroad.