Teófila Ochoa and Cirila Pulido are residents of Peru.  Both were  12 years old at the time of the Accomarca Massacre.  They survived the massacre by hiding from the Army soldiers.  Teófila managed to escape without physical harm, but her mother was killed along with four of her brothers and one sister.  Cirila’s mother and brother were killed.

CJA clients Teófila Ochoa and Cirila Pulido and their legal team.

The women, along with the other survivors of the massacre, formed the Asociación de Familiares Afectados por la Violencia Política del Distrito de Accomarca (Association of Relatives of the Victims of Political Violence in Accomarca).  Most of its members were young children when the massacre occurred.  The Association’s primary goal is to seek truth and justice for the victims.  Teófila and Cirila serve on the Association’s board of directors. They have filed these cases to seek justice on behalf of all the members of the organization.